Cinar Trading BV attaches great importance to protecting the privacy of confidential information that you provide to us. Therefore, we believe it is important to inform the way we use the personal information provided to our customers.

To which does this privacy policy apply?

This privacy statement applies to all consumer information we collect or use for Cinar Trading. It involves consumer information which will be deployed for commercial use and will be managed by Cinar Trading. When the data will be used in a different way than specified in this privacy statement, then this will be explicitly stated to you. 

Why should you provide your personal information to Cinar Trading?

By providing your personal information to Cinar Trading you set Cinar Trading capable to match the productrange with your needs as well as possible. We can also keep you informed of the benefits, actions and new products that can be interesting for you.
We also make it easier for you to:
- Register your purchase;
- Only communicating those messages which may be interested for you;
- To save time by remembering your preferences;
- Accelerate the order to remember your delivery address and your invoice details.
It also gives us the opportunity to conduct market research with the aim to continuously improve our product range, services and website.
Your details will be provided by applying for the newsletter, creating a personal account, participation in an action or placing an order.
The more information we receive from you, the better we can help you. Of course, you always keep in control of the choice whether you want to use these services or not. 

How is your data protected?

We find it very important to protect your data as well as possible. Cinar Trading will never sell or provide your personal information to others. Also, your financial information will never be provided to other parties unless this is necessary to treat your checkout, process our invoice or to prevent fraud. Cinar Trading uses various techniques to protect your data. This is done for example by encrypting financial data, passwords and using firewalls and secure servers. Don't you want us to store your data to match our product range to your needs and requirements? Let us know by Of course, you always have the option to unsubscribe for the mailing of Cinar Trading.

Will this privacy policy change? 

Cinar Trading is working day by day to improve its services. In this way we have the possibility of becoming more personal and interesting to you as customer. Therefore, it may be necessary to adjust the privacy statement.  We recommend that you regularly check this statement for changes.